CATALYZE is one of multiple USAID Private Sector Engagement (PSE) Hub projects aimed at strengthening partnerships with new or underutilized private sector firms. The PSE Hub includes a growing network of approximately 250 partners that provide niche technical expertise to USAID projects with a focus on mobilizing addition private investment alongside USAID funds.

CATALYZE crowds in new partners through CATALYZE’s blended finance activities in frontier markets and social sectors, and thereby increase PSE Hub projects’ access to niche technical and financial expertise. On this Procurement website, CATALYZE publishes a pipeline of upcoming solicitations for this network and other potential partners to bid on. To join the PSE Hub Partner Network and be notified when solicitations are released please sign up here.


Active procurements are listed below. Please click the link to access the solicitation.


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Description Country
 AVIS D’APPEL A PROPOSITIONS N° RFA-CATALYZE-Sahel-2021-0021 Le cabinet Palladium, partenaire d’exécution de l’USAID pour le projet CATALYZE Sahel Finance for Resilience (“Sahel F4R”), recherche des partenaires financiers (banques commerciales, institutions de microfinance (IMF) et toutes autres structures de financement qualifiées pour la mise en œuvre de l’activité “subvention payée en fonction des résultats” – Pay-for-Results (P4R) au Niger. Les soumissionnaires retenus travailleront avec Palladium et la société SINERGI SA, qui organise la mise en œuvre de le projet au Niger, afin de mobiliser des fonds pour les chaînes de valeur du secteur agricole (Niébé, Volailles et Petits Ruminants), et particulièrement  pour les projets des jeunes entrepreneurs, tous secteurs confondus, et les communautés prioritaires situées dans les zones géographiques ciblées (Tillabéry, Zinder et Maradi) au Niger. *ANNEXE B* *ANNEXE C* *ANNEXE D* *ANNEXE E* *ANNEXE F* *ANNEXT G* *ANNEX H* *Presentation_CATALYZE Sahel F4R Niger FI Conference* *Q&A – RFA-CATALYZE-Sahel-2021-0003 * Niger
RFP-CATALYZE-217772-PSD-2022-0271-Amendment-02 The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to offer support to establish a network of Business Advisory Service Providers (BASPs or Service Providers) providing commercial services to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) *Attachment 1 – Technical Proposal Application Form* *Attachment 2 – CV Template* *Attachment 3 – Cost Proposal Budget Template* *Attachment 4 – Eligibility Screening Form* Sri Lanka
RFP-CATALYZE-217772-PSD-2022-0680_Investment Credit BASP_Amendment 02 The purpose of the RFP is to select multiple Business Advisory Service Providers (BASPs) to help Sri Lankan MSMEs in Investment and Credit Facilitation to close debt and equity financial transactions in Psd’s five target sectors.*Attachment 01 – Technical Proposal Template* *Attachment 02- Cost Work Sheet* *Attachment 03- Due Diligence Questionnaire* *Attachment 04 – Business Partner Code of Conduct* *Attachment 05- FFATA Form * *Attachment 06- Subcontract Template* *Attachment 7 – Answers to Questions* Sri Lanka

For upcoming solicitations, refer to the Forecast. For previous solicitations, visit the Archive.

CATALYZE is a USAID-funded project and follows all procurement guidelines as set forth in the Federal Acquisition Regulation. All procurements are conducted in a fair and transparent manner in order to ensure that USAID is benefiting from the best that the market has to offer.


CATALYZE is a global project working in multiple sectors. Click here to see current job opportunities.