CATALYZE is one of multiple USAID Private Sector Engagement (PSE) Hub projects aimed at strengthening partnerships with new or underutilized private sector firms. The PSE Hub includes a growing network of approximately 250 partners that provide niche technical expertise to USAID projects with a focus on mobilizing addition private investment alongside USAID funds.

CATALYZE crowds in new partners through CATALYZE’s blended finance activities in frontier markets and social sectors, and thereby increase PSE Hub projects’ access to niche technical and financial expertise. On this Procurement website, CATALYZE publishes a pipeline of upcoming solicitations for this network and other potential partners to bid on. To join the PSE Hub Partner Network and be notified when solicitations are released please sign up here.


Active procurements are listed below. Please click the link to access the solicitation.

Title Description Country
RFA-CATALYZE-217772-Ethiopia-2023-0059 Partnership and Innovation Facility-Amendment-02 Palladium seeks interested parties to submit interest in receiving funding to implement activities to enhance the resiliency and sustainability of enterprises and create employment, particularly for youth and women in Ethiopia. *Attachment A – Concept Note Template* *Attachment B – Initial Cost Proposal Template* Ethiopia
RFP-CATALYZE-217772-Ethiopia-2023-0135-Amendment-01 The purpose of the RFP is to establish a network of business advisory service providers (BASPs) that provide quality services to micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) by helping them develop and execute solutions that drive sustainable business growth in MS4G priority sectors (i.e., WASH, food security, and fertilizer). *Attachment 1 – Technical Proposal Template* *Attachment 2 – Due Diligence* *Attachment 3 – FFATA Form* *Q&A Document* Ethiopia
RFP-CATALYZE-ASIA-2024-0038_Research Advisor-Amendment-01 USAID CATALYZE is seeking a Research Advisor to support the baseline assessment for the program, which is expected to set the foundation for CATALYZE to answer the program’s learning questions. Working closely with the Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Officer, this position will provide technical assistance in developing the necessary research tools, assisting in monitoring the data collection, and summarizing the findings of the baseline assessment. *Attachment 1 – Due Diligence* Indonesia
RFP–CATALYZE-Edu-2024-0116 – English

RFP–CATALYZE-Edu-2024-0116 – Espanol

CATALYZE ECCE would like to engage a consultant to oversee ECCE grants and monitoring activities in Paraguay. *Attachment 1 – Due Diligence*

CATALYZE AEPI esta buscando contratar un(a) consultor(a) para supervisar las subvenciones de AEPI y las actividades de seguimiento en Paraguay *Anexo 01 – Debida Diligencia*

RFP-CATALYZE-EDU-2024-0114 – English

RFP-CATALYZE-EDU-2024-0114 – Espanol

CATALYZE ECCE is seeking to engage a subcontractor to work with caregivers whose children are enrolled in ECCE centers on shifting intra-familial dynamics, with a focus on childcare and workforce norms. *Attachment 1 – Due Diligence* *Attachment 2 – FFATA Form*

CATALYZE ECCE (AEPI, por sus siglas en espanol) esta buscando para contratar una subcontratista para trabajar con cuidadores/as en cambiar dinamicas intra-familiares, con un enfoque en cuidado de los ninos y normas de trabajo. *Anexo 01 – Debida Diligencia* *Anexo 02 – FFATA Form*

RFA-CATALYZE-217772-ECCE India-2024-0075-Amendment-01 The CATALYZE Early Childhood Care and Education Activity Grants Program seeks to expand access to and improve quality of early childhood education (ECE) for 3 – 6-year-old children in India through investing in innovative service models, leveraging private sector resources and capabilities to complement USAID’s investments, and aligning with state and district priorities, specifically Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) and Ministry of Education (MOE) development and investment plans. To this end, we are seeking applications that target children ages 3 – 6 with a focus on improving children’s school readiness through Anganwadi centers with a focus on systematically marginalized learners (e.g., those living in extreme poverty, orphans; internally displaced people (IDPs) and returned migrants, children with disabilities, rural populations, and ethnic minorities (e.g., schedule caste and tribe groups)). *Attachment A – FAA Template* *Attachment B – Technical Application Form* *Attachment C – Cost Application and Budget Template* *Attachment D – Certifications and Representations* India
RFP-CATALYZE-Edu-2024-0117 The Palladium MELA team seeks to engage an impact evaluation consultant for the CATALYZE Early Childhood Care and Education Buy-In in Paraguay. This consultant will work closely with the MELA team to deliver technical assistance to finalize the methodology and data analysis plan, among other things. *Attachment 1 – Due Diligence* Global


The purpose of this RFP is to engage Transaction Advisory Service Providers (TASPs) under a Pay-for-Results (P4R) services model to deliver increased investment and advisory services to mobilize capital for enterprises in the project’s target countries. These services are meant to be complementary to the CATALYZE APEP Accelerator’s grant program to provide business acceleration services to SMEs throughout the target geographies. *Attachment 1 – Due Diligence* *Attachment 2 – FFATA Form* *Attachment 3 – Sample Transaction Eligibility Criteria* *Attachment 4 – Illustrative Payment Examples*

El propósito de esta RFP es contratar a Proveedores de Servicios de Asesoramiento en Transacciones (TASPs, por sus siglas en inglés) bajo un modelo de servicios de Pago por Resultados (P4R, por sus siglas en inglés) para proporcionar servicios de inversión y asesoramiento con el fin de movilizar capital para empresas en los países objetivo del proyecto. Estos servicios están destinados a complementar el programa de subvenciones del CATALYZE APEP Accelerator para proporcionar servicios de aceleración empresarial a las PYMEs en las zonas geográficas objetivo. *Anexo 1 – Debida Diligencia* *Anexo 2 – Formulario de FFATA* *Anexo 3 – Ejemplo de Matriz de Eligibilidad* *Anexo 4 – Ejemplos ilustrativos de pagos*

Barbados, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, México, Panamá, Perú, República Dominicana, Uruguay


The purpose of this RFP is to identify a partner that can provide a train-the-trainer program to accelerators and enterprise strengthening organizations (ESOs) that are working with small and micro enterprises (SMEs) in one or more of the 10 target countries of the Activity, to strengthen their capacities to better serve these enterprises and in turn to generate a more resilient and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem. *Attachment 1 – Due Diligence* *Attachment 2 – FFATA Form* *Registration guide*

El objetivo de esta solicitud de propuestas es identificar a un socio que pueda ofrecer un programa de “train-the-trainer” a aceleradoras y organizaciones de fortalecimiento empresarial (“ESOs”, por sus siglas en inglés) que trabajen con pequeñas empresas y microempresas (PYMEs) en uno o más de los 10 países objetivo de la actividad, con el fin de reforzar sus capacidades para prestar un mejor servicio a estas empresas y, a su vez, generar un ecosistema empresarial más resistente e inclusivo. *Anexo 1 – Debida Diligencia* *Anexo 2 – Formulario de FFATA* *Guia de registro*

Barbados, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, México, Panamá, Perú, República Dominicana, Uruguay
RFI-CATALYZE-INDO-2024-0001 CATALYZE Indonesia is issuing a Request for Information (RFI) to identify institutions offering financial products or services to the informal sector businesses (notably, micro-, small-, and medium-enterprises) or workforce (notably, individuals categorized as PBPU). This RFI seeks to understand the market’s interest in or established experience around offering products and services for health insurance premium financing for informal sector workers in Indonesia. CATALYZE is particularly interested in learning about products that already assist or can be tailored to assist informal sector workers in paying the JKN premium. Indonesia

For upcoming solicitations, refer to the Forecast. For previous solicitations, visit the Archive.

CATALYZE is a USAID-funded project and follows all procurement guidelines as set forth in the Federal Acquisition Regulation. All procurements are conducted in a fair and transparent manner in order to ensure that USAID is benefiting from the best that the market has to offer.


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